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Meet Phil, the visionary behind Integra DG, who has not only left an indelible mark on the local real estate scene but has also crafted a legacy of success as both an investor and a guide to lucrative opportunities. As a multi-award-winning, top-producing agent with Coldwell Banker and a distinguished investment specialist, Phil’s journey is etched with over 400 successful fix-and-flips. These ventures not only reflect his prowess but have woven a network of integral relationships.
Phil isn’t just a symbol; he represents the forward movement and advancement at the core of IDG. His unique blend of experience, analytical acumen, and market expertise not only empowers him to uncover key locations and foresee future opportunities but also positions IDG as a leader in strategic real estate ventures. With Phil at the helm, your journey with us isn’t just promising; it’s propelled by a commitment to the advancement and unparalleled success.

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Renowned for award-winning investments and recognized as top-performing Coldwell Banker agents, we boast a track record of 400+ successful investment transactions. Our proven expertise guides investors to lucrative opportunities, leveraging market insights to identify key prospects tailored for your success.

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