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Elevate Your Investment Experience with IDG

Investing with IDG opens doors to a history of award-winning real estate prowess and leadership. As fellow investors, we understand your needs, making us your trusted allies in the realm of real estate investments. As the markets evolve, so do we. Our agility in adapting to market shifts has been a key factor in our success, and we’re eager to impart that knowledge to empower your success as well.

Our Distinction

History of Success

IDG’s prestigious awards and 400+ investment transactions underscore our proven track record and industry expertise.

Strategic Profitability

Beyond conventional experience, we strategically chart profitable real estate opportunities to maximize returns.

Unrivaled Transparency

Experience investment in a new light with our commitment to professionalism and enduring client relationships.

Concrete Results

Embrace substantial outcomes as we deliver on our promise of real numbers and a transparent commitment to your financial growth.

Dynamic Adaptability

IDG’s adaptive strategy ensures your continual success by staying ahead and pivoting with market dynamics. Invest confidently with IDG as your reliable partner in real estate.

Our Approach

Exclusive Builder Inventory Access

Exclusive Builder Inventory Access

Gain privileged entry to off-market opportunities with below-market pricing and exclusive volume deals.

Thorough Market Research

Thorough Market Research

Conducting in-depth reviews for each market, ensuring a meticulous analysis of key factors for successful investments.

Unique Financing Options and Versatile Exit Strategies

Unique Financing Options and Versatile Exit Strategies

Access unique financing through strategic lender partnerships and explore diverse exit strategies, including BTR (Build to Rent), BTS (Build to Sell), and RTO (Rent to Own).


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Renowned for award-winning investments and recognized as top-performing Coldwell Banker agents, we boast a track record of 400+ successful investment transactions. Our proven expertise guides investors to lucrative opportunities, leveraging market insights to identify key prospects tailored for your success.

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